National Vocational Qualifications

national vocational qualificationsSPECIALIZATIONS ARE MANDATORY

National Vocational Qualifications is one of the most popular and sought after skill sets that a safety personnel can look for because they can take up this course without giving up his job. Employers like them because no leave has to be sanctioned to the employee and office work does not suffer. It promotes the demonstration of the individual’s ability and skill. The National Vocational Qualifications are based on national standards of vocation. These standards are performance statements of employees about what they are able to do. There is a full coverage of the vital aspects of an occupation, the ability and the speed with which it can adapt itself with the requirements of the future and to have the knowledge and the talent to underpin competent performance.

National Vocational Qualifications has no time limit within which it has to be completed but of course it cannot be stretched too long either. This National Vocational Qualifications can be taken up by a fully employed person or even by a school or a college student who could be on a part timer that enables them to develop the correct skill sets. No special entry requirements are necessary nor is there any age limit.

The National Vocational Qualifications tests your capabilities in the place of work. If you are able to prove that you are able to complete certain work related tasks as prescribed in the syllabus of National Vocational Qualifications you would have completed the qualifications. During this curse you are constantly monitored and observed whether you are able to complete the task with understanding and confidence. The examine as to keep gathering and documenting evidences so that there are ample recordings of incidences that proof that you have successfully completed the task. Assessors sign off units when the candidates are ready. The candidates’ knowledge, understanding and work-based performances are assessed by the assessor to make sure they can demonstrate competencies in their respective jobs. Delegates measure their performances with the set standards as they proceed. A close look is given to what they have achieved, how much is still left to be done and how they should go about the qualification, until they are assessed as competent for a single  unit or the entire qualification at a go.

National Vocational Qualifications is right for candidates who already have skills and want to enhance them, but also for those who are starting at the beginning.  The system is extremely flexible  and  new ways of learning can be always be implemented.  On successful completion of this course examinees would be able to develop competence individually or bring in health and safety competence, should be able to identify, assess and  manage health and safety risks, and implement monitoring processes and response systems. No formal exams make it hunky dory for the participants. . There are ten units in the National Vocational Qualifications which sums up the entire course.

Benefits Befits Qualifications

There is an obvious void of skill and training in the industry. NVQ is that solution that fills the void of training the workforce for the future. Unlike traditional qualifications, the NVQ  is an oriented vocational qualification, which can be made up in the manner the learner needs them and are not completely classroom based. The biggest benefit of NVQ Diploma is that there is no system of a final examination and to get a grade on completion. But the NVQ’s focus is on the student’s skills, knowledge and his behavior in the workplace.

Another very important benefit of NVQ Diploma is to create the nationally defined occupational standards-the aspirant’s skill to do a task which is based on the assessment  performance criteria set by the national occupational standards. The assessments are recorded using a range of techniques prescribed by this NVQ Diploma which compile the evidences used to cater to the qualifications compilation of units.

Another benefit of NVQ Diploma is that it can also be completed over longer periods of time using an approach which is unit based, as available on the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF). Thus it gives a flexible approach to learning and assessment, and in some cases, can boost success rates as completion of units  provides the  learners a better sense of achievement and can be completed in  manageable chunks.The employers will benefit from improved staff performance and motivated spirit of the employees, betterment in the quality of service to customers with a workforce trained in the skills, relevant to the business. There is definitely greater productivity, performance and competitiveness as the workforce will be a happy lot, due to the organisation’s investment in their future skills. The attrition  is captured to a large extent and the workforce is up-to-date with the latest legislation and best practices. The employees will benefit from a clearer understanding of their responsibility within their organisation; gets the opportunity to develop new skills, and accredit their knowledge.  They can bring new ideas to the workforce and earn while they learn. Workers have a qualification benchmarked against national performance standards. A guaranteed benefit of the NVQ Diploma is that it will help grow the expertise in your business and fill the current and future skills gaps, which could have stunted the growth and hampered recruitment of new talent. NVQ Qualification could be used for the recruitment of technical hands for institutions, and the employees also become eligible for promotions and higher salaries in the organization. It is quite significant for companies to employ people who have procured this qualification and the employees also benefit tremendously in terms of career prospects and enhancements in salaries. The benefit of the NVQ Diploma is a mutually beneficial step, benefiting both the employer and the employee.