Graduate Member  is an acronym for the term Grad IOSH . This category of the course the members are working towards, become Chartered Members. The delegates will be asked to complete the Initial Professional Development. Delegates in order to achieve this level of membership necessarily have to complete an IOSH accredited degree level qualification. When a person attains this membership you become eligible to use the letters Grad IOSH immediately after your name. These graduates maintain a CPD record status. At the initial stage everyone joins as an Affiliate Member. Once the application is accepted and the payment is done you would get an entry into the membership benefits and other services for the coming year. This Grad IOSH shows that he has a clear understanding of health and safety issues through a nationally recognized qualification. This is one of the best category if you want to prove that your interest in safety and health are really serious. The following NEBOSH qualifications are accredited by IOSH as meeting their requirements for Graduate Membership (Grad IOSH), and after completion of IOSH’s Initial Professional Development Scheme; Chartered Membership (CMIOSH).

  • National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
  • International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
  • National Diploma Part 2 (no longer available to new students)

Grad IOSH main role is to maintain a high standard as the voice of lobbying governments on various policies and law. These specialist not only propogate safety but spread awareness to one and all and help training institutes and run campaigns to help millions of people. Grad IOSH is one of the courses  for the personnel of your organization to take up to complete an accredited international health and safety qualification to show your commitment to improve standards. The Grad IOSH course provides the long term solution to your safety and health issues. This course can be studied through either the classroom method of learning or  E-learning for which you need just a computer and an internet connection. E-learning is a very convenient type of study which overcomes the limitations of classroom studies. Grad IOSH  course offer organisations the basic internationally recognized qualifications which are extremely beneficial for its employees who require  an introduction, or need the understanding of the concept of team management of health and safety. These opportunities help the delegates to land the best jobs in this field and gives them an exposure which is unbeatable. The salaries are also very competitive besides the honor of this wonderful opportunity.  The study material and the tutors guiding the students are well trained and help the enrolled candidates persistently and sort out their difficulties. Revisions of the course and solving the past papers gear them up for the final examination and support them with whatever academic help that may be required. Students are free to take up the course as a classroom study or do distance learning. Some of them prefer to adopt for the traditional style of learning while others who are employed feel that E-learning is a good option to take up to pursue the Grad IOSH course.

The six membership categories are:

  • Affiliate Member
  • Associate Member
  • Technical Member
  • Graduate Member
  • Chartered Member
  • Chartered Fellow

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